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Neither Present Nor Correct:
March 1, 2019


1.Well It's Not Really a Painting[3:08]
2.Combine Letters Into Words[4:22]
3.What's So Cool About Ghosts[1:51]
4.Neither Present Nor Correct[5:19]
5.Uppland Runic Inscription 13[12:04]
TOTAL: 26:44


DANA WEBBER: writer (1-5), keyboards (1, 2, 4), guitar (3), violin (5), production

HOLLY HIRAKAWA: writer (5), electric guitar, bass, field recordings (5), design

MABEL LEONARD: writer (2), drums, chimes (5), acoustic guitar (5)

Catalog: HALF-11


An EP of leftover tracks from the sessions that produced Live Outside the Purple Sauce Café - with the exception of 'What's So Cool About Ghosts', a short vignette recorded by Dana soon after the album's release.

The tracks are similar, if unrefined, to the styles and persuasions of its parent album; from the write-as-you-go thrillride of 'Well It's Not Really a Painting' to the dour post-punk statement of the title track. The outlier is the closer, 'Uppland Runic Inscription 13', a forlorn cracked drone of distant folk instruments and field recordings.